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Sports betting predictions and tips can help you decide what bets are likelier to succeed and therefore worth placing. We offer them for absolutely free!


For many sports betting enthusiasts in the Philippines, it’s all about winning. In fact, some only place real-money bets on their favorite sports because there’s a chance they’ll get lucky. Of course, it’s a great feeling when you win, especially if it’s a significant amount of money. So if you’re after maximum profits, or if you’re just getting started and don’t know where to begin, betting predictions can prove useful.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee success in sports betting and once you’ve placed your bets, it’s down to luck. However, using betting predictions can help you choose bets that are likely to reduce your losses in the long run. So if you are into pre-match betting and want to learn how to bet smarter, this guide is for you.

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Sports Betting Predictions Explained

Sports betting predictions are simply educated guesses as to what the outcome of a match, race or tournament may be. Usually, experienced punters and/or betting operators come up with these predictions/tips. They use a variety of resources like statistics, information on current events, and their own knowledge, to forecast the results. So the idea behind betting predictions is to help you if you’re not sure what bet to place. The tips show you which bets are, in theory, worth placing, hence making the decision process simpler.

How Do We Put Together Our Tips?

It takes a lot of time and careful deliberation to come up with good betting predictions that actually help punters. So, those behind our betting tips put loads of effort into the decision-making process to maximize your winning potential. In fact, our tipsters consider a wide range of factors when making predictions, including:

  • Statistics from recent matches/races to judge how the team/player has been performing recently;
  • News related to the team/player in question. Because certain recent events, such as a player falling ill, can affect a team’s performance;
  • Form of players/teams. Being on form means that the team/player has been performing really well recently. Of course, this can influence future performance.

Besides these key aspects, there is plenty else to take into account. Some may even rely on gut instinct when coming up with their predictions. But most of the time it’s a matter of crunching the data, which is exactly what our tipsters do. Sticking to the statistically likely recommendations guarantees maximum neutrality and objectivity when offering advice. However, even statistics can’t guarantee outcomes, despite their key role in determining predictions.

What Do Our Predictions Include?

When it comes to making sports betting predictions and offering tips, there are plenty of factors to consider. Here is what our tipsters take into account when making decisions:

  • Are any of the team’s top players injured or even suspended?
  • Have any top players recently returned from being injured or suspended?
  • Have the two teams competed against each other before?
  • Is either of the teams taking on a former player?
  • How far have the teams travelled to play against each other?
  • Is one of the two teams playing at its home ground?
  • Does either of the teams need to win to get promoted or avoid relegation?
  • How early/late in the tournament is it?
  • Have the team members been on form in recent matches?

These are just some of the things that can affect an event’s outcome. But to make the best possible predictions, we have to take everything we can think of into account. Even just one of the smallest of details can make the difference between a team winning or losing. Hence it’s very important to make betting tips using as much knowledge and data as possible.

Sports Betting Predictions

What Sports Do We Cover?

There are dozens of different sports that you can bet on at a typical Philippines betting site. We offer predictions for all the major sports that are popular with Filipinos. You can find tips for football, also for tennis, badminton, basketball, and boxing, among many others. We also provide tips for some of the biggest sporting leagues in the world. Of course, the NFL, the NBA, and the UFC are all covered. Have a look through our collection of tips – some of them may catch your attention. All our betting predictions and tips are completely free to use.

Our Range of Sports Betting Tips

Typically, for most sports, there are numerous different types of bets you can place. If you are just getting started and are unfamiliar with your options, our guides may prove very useful, indeed. Our betting predictions also cover many bet variations, including popular ones such as the over/under. This is a very common option where you bet on the final result being above or below a pre-set value. We also cover other bets like match results and tournament result bets. So regardless of what sort of bet you’re looking to place, we have plenty of tips to help you.

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Since sports betting is a very popular pastime, it should come as no surprise that there are lots of sites offering predictions. Many of these, including ours, offer sports betting tips for no cost at all. Others, however, only give them out if you pay. But should you stick with the free ones or go for the paid route? 

To put it as simply as possible, we suggest sticking with free sites. Even though predictions can help you score some wins, there’s never a guarantee. Whether you’ll make a profit on your bets always involves a big dose of luck, too. If you use predictions from a free site, at least you save some cash regardless of whether your bet succeeds. 

Moreover, if you pay for tips, you’ve got to recoup that money first. So recovering what you spent on paying for the tips delays the point where you can start making a profit. Also, free predictions can be just as worthwhile. Our betting predictions, for instance, can serve you very well as they’re coming from knowledgeable tipsters. And, you can use as many as you like without ever having to pay.

Why Do We Offer Free Tips for Sports Betting?

We could charge for the predictions we offer but we don’t. Naturally, you’re probably wondering why this is. Because we want our tips to be accessible to as many people as possible is the answer. We love sports betting and we want to help others make a profit, too. 

If you’re interested in sports betting like us, it’s our objective to help you get the most out of it. We aim to help anyone who’s keen to place bets on sports. But quite frankly, if we charged for our betting predictions, we’d reach fewer people. 

Our tips can enhance your sports betting experience. They may help you place smarter bets and may even help you earn some more money from your bets. But remember that there’s no guarantee they’ll work – anything is possible in sports betting.

Free Betting Tips

Why Trust the Betting Predictions We Make?

Perhaps you are a little skeptical about our sports betting predictions and tips. After all, if they’re so good, why are they free? Actually, this sort of skepticism is what we encourage – you should never blindly trust advice online. If you are asking yourself this question, it means you’re already a step ahead of everyone else and thinking critically.

But to return to the main concern, whether you trust our tips or not is something you have to decide for yourself. All we can say here is that we’re just as passionate about sports betting as you. Our site aims to help you enjoy sports betting and the experience itself. We put a lot of work into our predictions so that your bets will have the best chance of succeeding.

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How To Use Our Betting Predictions & Tips

Perhaps some of our betting predictions and tips have caught your attention and you’d like to use them. It goes without saying – the first step is to sign up for an online sportsbook that’s available in the Philippines. Fortunately, there are many on the market to choose from. So if you don’t have a bookie yet, have a look at our reviews library to find a good match quickly. 

We offer in-depth summaries of what the top betting sites have to offer. There are many things we consider when we put together our reviews, including the range of sports, bets, and payments. In addition, we evaluate the site’s safety, odds, bonus offers, and even the customer support quality before recommending it. Among the other factors, we review you’ll also find mobile availability, the site design, and additional features.

All of these factors are important and whether you have betting predictions under your belt or not wouldn’t matter if the platform is dodgy. But once you’re through with picking a sportsbook and setting up your account, it’s time to start placing bets. If you already have a sport or event in mind, just look at our latest tips for it and apply them to your bets. Alternatively, you can browse through our predictions to find a betting opportunity worth taking instead.


Betting on sports is a fun, exciting, and often very profitable pastime. There are loads of online sportsbooks available in the Philippines where you can place bets on a wide range of sporting events from around the world. But many keen punters don’t just get their bets placed and hope for the best. Instead, they do some research and make informed decisions about which bets to place.
This is where betting predictions come in. Lots of punters visit sites with predictions and consult them to see what bets are likely to be worth placing. Of course, these tips, although put together very carefully and with statistics in mind, can’t guarantee any wins. But they can boost your chances of getting some returns and make you rethink your overall betting strategy.
Unlike some other platforms out there, we offer such predictions and tips completely free of charge. We cover loads of sports and types of bets, too, so you’re bound to find what you need. Especially if you’re still at the beginning of your sports betting journey, our advice will prove rather useful. We do our best to make our tips as helpful and likely to succeed as possible.


Predictions aren’t necessary by any means. They may help you but what’s important to remember is that they can’t guarantee you’ll win.

We recommended that you stick with free predictions like ours, at least at first. Of course, you can pay but you will have to make even more money from your bets before you make a profit.

No, not necessarily. Both free and paid-for predictions can help you make better betting decisions.

Not at all. You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to. It’s still possible to win big even if you don’t follow any suggestions and make your own decisions about the bets you place.

Yes. Predictions are merely suggestions from pros as to what bets you should place. Even if you always use them, you’re not cheating the betting site in any way - your bets can still lose.

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