All About Sports Betting Live Streaming in the Philippines

Live streaming is all the rage at online sportsbooks in the Philippines. Come learn how to bet like a pro and select the right platform for you.

In today’s technologically advanced world, you can watch almost any event in real-time online thanks to live streaming. So if you want to watch, say, a football match that your cable TV provider doesn’t broadcast – you can. This is a great way to enjoy sports for people who don’t want to be glued to their TV but it’s even better news for punters. 

Live streaming gives you the chance to bet on your favorite sport and watch the match on the same platform. Nowadays, many online sportsbooks in the Philippines offer this option due to the ever-increasing demand. So in this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about it and give you some tips on finding the right platform for you.

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What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming also known as livestreaming, in a nutshell, allows you to watch a sports event in real-time. But all it really is is a method of transmitting data over the internet. This is possible thanks to new technology developments and has revolutionized the online sports betting industry. The data in this case, which is usually video files, is transmitted a few seconds at a time. This way, you don’t have to download the whole video to your device before playing it. Of course, some delay is inevitable but it’s never more than a few seconds anyway.

Live Streaming Sports Betting Sites

How to Choose a Live Streaming Platform

There are many sports betting sites out there on the market that offer live streaming. Because of the sheer amount of options, choosing one can be challenging. Here are some of the key aspects to consider before signing up: 

Sports Options

You can stream a wide range of sports and tournaments on betting sites but each operator will have a different selection. Look for a platform that allows you to watch and bet on local and international tournaments of popular sports. But most importantly, seek one that offers what you want – football, basketball, tennis, boxing, UFC, golf, etc.

The Interface

Most betting sites have an integrated interface that allows punters to watch, review odds, and bet on matches simultaneously. Finding a platform that displays all the useful information goes a long way in enhancing your live betting experience. 

Quality of the Streams 

Nobody likes low resolution, so choose a site that offers HD streaming and a full-screen view. In addition, the best live stream betting sites will give you access to high visual quality services from all devices. 

Time Delays

Time delay is normal when it comes to live streaming but it’s also crucial for live betting. Usually, the delay is 20-30 seconds due to technical glitches. But with an additional 20 seconds to place an in-play bet, it can add up to 30-40 seconds. It is therefore very important for live streaming betting sites to have a short time delay.

Technical Requirements 

It’s important to consider the technical requirements of the live streaming site as well. For example, if your device is compatible at all or if you need to install any kind of software can influence your choice. Sometimes, how fast your internet connection should be also matters.

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Pro Tips for Live Streaming

Live streaming opens the door to an opportunity for huge profits. But without some preparation, you will have to rely only on luck to win. Instead, try out our pro tips to improve your chances of winning:

Beware of Streaming Fees

Most betting sites will allow players to watch live streams for free, as long as they create an account and deposit a small balance. However, this excludes greyhounds and horse racing where most sites require players to bet $1 on the race you want to watch. So, you should avoid betting sites that ask you for more when you can get the same service for free.

Understand the Sport

While making an informed decision with live betting is much easier, you can’t really do that if you don’t know much about the event. So take the time to research, look at statistics and watch some previous games before going in to place a bet. This way, you will be able to identify profitable punting opportunities.

Check Your Connection

We all know how frustrating a buffering live stream is. For any punter, there is nothing as annoying as that buffering icon in the middle of the screen. So besides a reliable internet connection, you will also need an up-to-date version of Flash Player to avoid future problems.

Remember The Delay 

A live stream is never truly live to the second. There is usually a delay which is normal but doesn’t forget about it. This is actually very important when betting on fast betting options, such as throw in or next foul. If you don’t know exactly where the ball is at that particular moment, deciding is harder. Hence, the shorter the delay – the better.

Explore Your Options 

Explore what’s out there on the sports betting market and try out at least a couple of online sportsbooks. Every sportsbook offers different options and you should know what is out there. Create accounts on different betting sites, so you can take advantage of the various bonus offers, too.


There has never been a more exciting moment for sports bettors than now. For the first time, players can bet and watch live streams of their favorite sporting events on the same platform. All you need is a stable internet connection and you can start taking advantage of live streaming to bet. Not only do you have extra statistics to help you decide but many more betting options, too. So now that you know how the pros do it, the only thing that’s left is to check out our sportsbooks reviews and pick one before you start.


Yes, you can watch a wide range of sports events for free. However, most bookmakers will require you to set up an account and maintain a certain balance.

Every bookmaker offers a different selection. But more often than not, you can find a bookie that has what you want.

There are no bookmakers that are currently offering live streaming for top-level football like the English Premier League because of stringent broadcasting rights that are governing the league.

Betting sites have advanced security features that protect all players. As long as you choose a licensed platform there’s nothing to worry about.

You need a reliable internet connection and a compatible device. A device with 4G or Wi-Fi should enable you to live-stream your favourite matches without any issues.

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