Golf Betting – Best Guide

Many online sportsbooks in the Philippines offer golf betting. Learn all the basics about the game and how to place a bet in our complete guide.

Sports betting isn’t always just about football or basketball – there are many different sports you could bet on! If you’re looking for a new endeavor, golf betting might just be it. Actually, golf is a very simple game, so even if you’re brand new to it you’ll catch up quickly. Moreover, there are multiple ways in which you can bet on a golf game.

Fortunately, golf betting is available at many online sportsbooks in the Philippines. But stick around till the end to find out more about golf itself and where you can start betting. In addition, in this guide, we’ll tell you all about your betting options and the various odds formats, too.

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Golf Basics

Golf is, indeed, a very simple game. A player’s main objective is to get the golf ball into the hole by hitting it with a golf club with a minimal number of hits. The size of the actual golf course can widely vary and the game can involve any number of players. Usually, a round has 18 holes. Since the holes have different lengths, players adhere to a par system. The majority of holes are ‘Par 4’, which simply means that the maximum shots to get the ball in is 4. However, in professional golf, Par 3 and Par 5 are most common.

Common Golf Scores

Based on the number of hits and the hole’s par value a player can end up with various scores. Here are some of the scores you may encounter:

  • Birdie – when you have one stroke less than the par value;
  • Eagle – when you have two strokes less than the par value;
  • Albatross – when you have three strokes less than the par value;
  • Par – equal number of strokes as the hole’s par value;
  • Triple bogey – when you have three strokes more than the par value;
  • Double bogey – when you have two strokes more than the par value; 
  • Bogey – when you have one stroke more than the par value. 

Depending on the hole’s par value and the scoring system, each of these scores can be assigned a different point value. To you as a punter, this is an opportunity to bet on a player’s result and potentially profit.

Online Golf Betting

Online Golf Betting 101

Online golf betting is something just about anyone can do – beginner or not. Placing your bets on golf online is not at all complicated and here’s how to do it:

  • Sign Up – The first order of business is to set up an account. Visit your online sportsbook, find the sign up button and follow the instructions – it only takes a few minutes. 
  • Deposit – To place a bet on golf you’ll need some funds first. So head to your bookie’s banking section, pick one of the supported payment methods and make your deposit. 
  • Pick Your Bet – There can be tens of different golf bets you can place online. So do some research and pick one that suits your style of betting or budget. 
  • Cash Out – If you win the bet, the balance is automatically updated in your account. Normally, you can cash out your winnings using the same method used to deposit – with a few exceptions. But how long it takes depends on the bookie and the method.
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Popular Types of Golf Bets

Unfortunately, golf betting doesn’t offer quite that many bets/markets. While in the context of football betting you could be choosing from hundreds of markets, with golf you’ll get fifty at most. Here are some of the most popular kinds of bets in golf:

Outright Winner Bets

The most common type of bet that you can place in golf is the tournament/outright bet. You are simply betting on the golfer you believe will win the specific tournament or event. The beauty of tournament bets is that the odds can significantly change during a four-day competition, with players climbing and falling down the list depending on their performance.

Each Way Bets

Sometimes you have a favorite player that you want to bet on but there is some doubt in your mind. What if they don’t make it to the first spot but finish second or third? In such a case, each way bets are the way to go. You can support a player at longer odds but also add some extra insurance.

Top 5 Bets

This bet is quite simple – it’s exactly what it sounds like. With top 5 bets, you are simply backing your preferred player that they will finish in the top five of the tournament.

First Round Leader Bets

Usually, a golf game takes four to five days to finish. When you opt for a first-round leader bet, you are effectively betting on a certain player to be at the lead after the first day/round.

Match Betting

This is no different from typical match betting. In golf, you are simply using the sportsbook bonus – free money offered by the bookmaker to lay your bet. In other words, you use your funds to support an outcome and use the bonus cash to lay it.

Group Betting (2 Balls or 3 Balls)

In professional golf, players are grouped in 3s during the first couple of days and in 2s in the last 2 days of the game. Hence the name 3 balls and 2 balls. When you place a group bet, be it a 3 ball or a 2 ball one, you are backing the potential winner according to you.

To Make The Cut Bet

To make a cut in golf is simply bettering or equaling the compulsory score after the first two rounds in a strokeplay competition. This way, a player avoids being eliminated from the remaining two rounds. When you place this bet, you are simply backing the player not to be eliminated after the first two rounds.

Top Country Player

Golf tournaments tend to have players from different parts of the world. For example, in the Philippines, we have our very own Frankie Miñoza. So if you think Frankie Miñoza will be the top player from the Philippines, then the top Philippines player will be your best bet.

How to Bet on Golf

Odds in Golf and Value Betting

If an event is very likely to happen, the odds will be low and vice versa. There are three main formats of betting odds:

  • Fractional Odds – They are widely used in the UK and, of course, the figures are fractions. For example, fractional odds value could be 13/1, where for every $1 you wager, you should expect a profit of $13.
  • Decimal Odds – Most common in Europe and as the name suggests, the figures are decimals. For instance, decimal odds of 14.0 will give you $14 in profits for every $1 wagered.
  • American Odds – Of course, American odds are most popular in the U.S. These odds can either have a positive (+) or minus (-) sign. Negative odds are for favourites, while positive odds are for underdogs.

Not all online bookmakers offer the same odds for the same event. Hence you should use value betting to identify an edge against the bookie. If a bet is priced less than its worth, then this bet offers value and you should go for it. 

Major Golf Events

In golf, like with all other betting sports, some events are more important than others. Here are some of the most popular ones you can bet on:

The Masters

The Masters is considered as the #1 tournament in the golfing calendar. The course itself, the history behind it, and the azaleas are just some of the reasons why. It’s a very competitive event and every golf betting enthusiast should know about it.

The U.S Open

The U.S. Open is a must-attend event for any golf enthusiast, as it is undeniably the ultimate skills test for players. If you’d like to see the elite golf players struggling, the U.S Open is where it’s possible.

The Majors

This tournament is usually the best place to start, as most online bookmakers offer lots of bet options for it. In total, there are four Majors and the best of the best worldwide compete for these titles.

The PGA Championship

The Professional Golfer’s Association is behind the PGA championship, which normally happens in August. It gives players an opportunity to win a multi-million prize, earn an invite to other events, and a career bump. The odds here are not as good as there are upcoming players and competition isn’t as stiff.

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Our Golf Betting Tips

There are a number of factors that can influence a golf player’s performer and by extension your bets. So consider the following before placing your bets:

  • Look at the Weather – This is one of the most important factors as golf courses are out in the open. Rain or wind could totally ruin a player’s performance.
  • Analyze Players – Statistics are your best friend. The putting accuracy, driver success rate off the tee and greens in regulation are super important.
  • Know the Players – Some players perform better than others under pressure. Knowing this aspect of their performance is key when betting on golf.
  • Injuries – Make sure your chosen player is not injured before betting, as even the slightest strain can affect their game.
  • Carefully Select Your Bookmaker – Top sites tend to have decent odd margins, very responsive and functional in-play betting features, and offer a wide variety of markets. 

Wrapping Up

Golf betting is an excellent way to expand your sports betting experience and profit while enjoying the games. In fact, not only is the game itself super simple but so is betting on it. Unlike other sports, your choice of betting markets is smaller, making it easier to choose. But your experience will be only as good as the bookie you choose. So head to our sportsbook review library to find great sports betting website in the Philippines that suits you.


Golfers are usually grouped into three or two during the stages of the game. When you place a 3 ball or 2 ball bet, you are simply betting on who will perform the best in the group.

A wire to wire win is when the golfer is leading in all four rounds of play and ends up winning at the end of the fourth day.

A hole in one is considered the best score you can get while playing golf. It happens when a golfer sinks the ball in the hole using a single stroke.

Yes, of course. Bookmakers online have live streaming services so you can follow the action.

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