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Do you need reliable free football betting predictions and tips? Read this article to bet successfully and learn how we write the best football tips.

Football betting predictions and tips are of great interest to many individuals, especially sports enthusiasts and lovers. Therefore, this article compiles relevant information for every bettor, both for beginners and long-standing bettors. Consequently, it is crucial to understand where to place your bet, the underdogs and favorites of the game, the several betting options available, and much other information.

Contrary to the popular guides you will come across online, read further to unravel in-depth football betting predictions with strategies proven to work.

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Home of Free Football Betting Tips and Predictions

Welcome to the page where you can receive free tips on achieving an ideal type of bet. The sports betting competition gets tighter yearly, and you need the best sports predictions to beat the top online sportsbooks in the Philippines. The predictions we provide are top-notch because they are logical and not based on feelings. We have experts and sports enthusiasts that write predictions based on team recent performances, players’ health, and coaches expertise. We understand that contrary to the old strategy, the favorites do not always win the game. Nowadays, considering other relevant factors in sports predictions is vital. These are; the number of goals, goalscorer, total goals, and the final results of the preferred team.

The Basic Concept of Football Betting Tips

Like in most countries football betting is very popular in the Philippines, there are certain things you should expect from the betting guide. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. The components of the match: Before placing a bet, it is vital to recognize what makes up the match, which reliable bet predictions should provide. For instance, knowing the match coach will clear your doubt of any form of partiality in sports. Understanding the teams playing the match will help in choosing a favorite.
  2. On/Off Game Predictions: As mentioned earlier, we offer predictions on live games of the sports. Reliable sources should have bet options that allow users to choose preferences based on live betting. Hence, this will require full attention to the game.
  3. Sports Records: The predictions record should identify if the game is just a friendly match or not. Also, readers should identify the favorite, underdog, and type of odds of the game. The favorite is the team or player more likely to win the game, while the underdog is less likely to win. The record should include the history of participating teams. What is the loss or win margin in recent matches?

It is not a cliche to recognize us as one of the best sites for free betting predictions and tips, including football. It would help if you had an expert opinion to guide you in making the right decisions. Hence, it is vital to follow the advice from professionals who have had years of experience in the industry or even as coaches.

Generally, experts predict a match from records and history. However, we offer excellent tips by displaying predictions based on live games. Sports are highly non-predictable, and this prediction option has become favorable to many people.

You can trust our football predictions and tips, especially if you are getting started with sports betting. We consider any change in plans, such as sudden illness from a significant player or change in weather, usually unfavorable conditions.

Football betting predictions and tips

The best types of bets and outcomes in online betting sites

When selecting the type of sports to bet on, check how we review online betting sites to choose the best platform. More so, you need to recognize the type of odds available and the outcomes.

This guide focuses on four major types of bets because they give the best possible results.

1. Over/Under Bets

This is one of the most straightforward bet types you will come across in Philippine betting sites. Best online bookmarks predict the outcome of a football match, while you bet if the result will be over or under the suggested combined score. Most bookmakers use a -110 vig as the benchmark. That is, players will wager $110 to get $100 for both under and over bets. 

2. Double Chance Bet

There is either a draw, loss, or win for both parties in a typical football game. Here, you either support the house or away team and state whether it will be a loss, win, or draw. Hence, you have two possibilities of winning than a single chance bet. Since this bet involves two possible outcomes, the analysis list is usually long. Here are the four most common representations you will come across.

  • 1x represents 1 as the home team winning, and x for a draw match.
  • 12 represents 1 as the home team winning and 2 as the away team winning.
  • x2 represents 2 as the away team winning, and x for a draw match.

3. Moneyline Bet

You can pick the Moneyline bet, as simple as just stating the club to win the match. However, you need a trusted platform where you can place your bet without being cheated.

 Bookmakers usually set the odds in the Moneyline while using the minus (-) sign to depict the underdog and the positive (+) sign to represent the game’s favorite.

4. Handicap Bet

Many best online betting sites have a handicap as part of their betting option, mainly due to its popularity. It is also called line betting or point betting. The odds here are usually more than just winning or losing. This applies when one of the playing teams is far superior to the other. For instance, bookmakers set a -1.5, -0.5, or -1 odd for a team with a lesser advantage.

Betting on the Champions League is exciting, especially since there are various options to choose from. However, there is no specific betting option for Championship, as you can select the most convenient one for you. It could also be a Prop bet, which is in detail. Here, you bet on the possible activities of the game. For instance, Real Madrid will score the first point during a match with Manchester United.

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Basic Betting Rule You Should Bear in Mind

This football betting tips guide is incomplete without stating the critical strategy that wealthy bettors mainly employ. It is expected to get caught up in the game, with increased expectation, while you keep playing until you reach your target. However, avoid spending beyond your bankroll. 

Some of the best online bookmakers offer a bankroll for users. By activating and depositing some money into it, you can be sure to allocate your income appropriately. Hence, do not bet more than you can lose on sports games, no matter how attractive the top online sportsbooks in the Philippines appear. If you want to know more about how we review online betting sites, click here.


Hopefully, your expectations about football betting predictions are met from the guide above. With the correct betting predictions and tips, you can have a sweet betting experience. You can focus on the live betting or type of bonuses offered by the top online sportsbooks in the Philippines.


No, rather know your area of interest and your financial capacity. Some betting tips may require a large bet, while others require a minimum amount.

The best betting tips consider the records or history of each team. More so, match activities are put on display for live betting.

Several sites online provide information on football statistics, league tables, free analysis, and the latest results. One of the best online betting sites is
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