How to Start Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is available at most online sportsbooks in the Philippines. Learn how it all works and how to calculate your profit with our simple guide.

Whether you are new to sports betting in the Philippines or a veteran gambler, you probably have come across or played moneyline bets. It is a simple wager that does not require you to point spread. The objective of this bet is to pick a team you believe will win. There are many sports where you can apply moneyline bets, including football, basketball, tennis, and more.

In as much as placing moneyline bets is very straightforward, it is advisable to understand how it works before you start playing. This comprehensive guide provides all the relevant information you might be interested to know about moneyline bets. You’ll learn about how it works, calculating odds, strategies and more.

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Moneyline Betting 101

A moneyline bet is where you choose the winner of the game. It is considered the simplest wager compared to others like a handicap. In this case, you’re simply picking the team you believe will win at the end of the game. The team that is expected to win is known as the ‘Favorite’ while the team that you think will lose is called the ‘Underdog’. Usually, the favourites are listed with a negative sign (-) and the underdogs are listed with a positive sign (+). Nonetheless, it should be noted that the bet pays only when your selected team wins. Hence, it can be complicated to understand how the moneyline bet works if you’re just getting started.

Moneyline Betting in the Philippines

How Does Moneyline Betting Work?

As earlier stated, moneyline betting is a common wager that works in quite a straightforward way. This wager requires that one of the two teams will win. The two participating teams are given a numerical value known as ‘odds’. The number determines whether the team is an underdog or a favorite. Odds are not picked at random, they are determined by the betting site and the odds maker. Moreover, the numbers are displayed with negative (-) or positive (+) signs. For instance, let’s consider a match between Chelsea FC and Arsenal FC with the following odds:

  • Chelsea (-110) vs. Arsenal (+160)

In this match, Chelsea is the favorites team as it bears the negative sign and Arsenal are the underdogs. Thus, Chelsea has high chances of winning but with relatively low payouts while Arsenal has minimal chances of winning the game but with high possible payouts.

Minus (-) vs. Plus (+) Odds

There are different types of odds at online sportsbooks in the Philippines but the most common are American odds. Normally, an odds value with a negative sign (-) indicates the amount you must wager to win $100. On the other hand, a positive (+) one indicates the possible win if you bet $100. So in simple words, the (+) sign represents the favorite team while the (-) sign – the underdog team. Of course, the amount you wager is up to you but the minimum limit will vary from one sportsbook to another.

How to Calculate Moneyline Odds

The advantage of betting online in the Philippines is that sportsbooks will calculate the potential payout for you. This makes it easier for you to determine if the bet is worth your money or not. Nevertheless, you can use this simple formula to calculate Moneyline odds on your own:

Calculating Moneyline Odds for Favorites

To get your possible win on the favorites team, use the following formula:

  • Possible Win Amount x (moneyline/100) = Bet

Therefore, if you are expecting a possible win of $50 on Chelsea at +110, the calculation works out to $50 x 1.1 = $55

Calculating Moneyline Odds for Underdogs

To calculate Moneyline odds on an underdog team is just as simple. You can use the following formula:

Possible Win Amount / (moneyline/100) = Bet

Moneyline Payout

The above formulas will give you the size of your potential profit. But if you want to figure out what your total payout will be, simply do the math and then add your original stake to the profit. So if you calculated an expected $55 win and your original stake was $50, then the total payout is $105.

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline Betting Strategies

One of the secrets to winning in Moneyline betting is knowing how the favorites and underdogs work. The primary objective is to win, regardless of the payout. You should try by all possible means to make the correct prediction. To help you understand how these two work, we are going to use the following example:

  • Simba (+100) vs Tembo (-120)


Naturally, the favorite team or player is the one with high chances of winning. In our example above, Tembo is the favorite team. Because of that, a winning bet on Tembo will have small payouts. However, the benefit of betting on favorites is that you’re likelier to win often. You can easily identify the favorites by the negative sign.


On the other hand, an underdog team or player is the one with fewer chances of winning a game. But the good thing with underdogs is that they have bigger payouts. So, if you’re after big profits you should adopt a strategy to bet on uderdogs. You can easily identify an underdog team by looking for the positive sign.

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Best Sports for Moneyline Betting

There are many different types of sports out there and a lot of them work with moneyline bets. But some sports are more appropriate for moneyline betting than others.


Football is one of the most popular sports not only in the Philippines but across the world. Moneyline bets are considered more profitable in football because it’s easy to determine the winning team.


Moneyline bets are also common in hockey. Many punters prefer this bet because the total goals are less than other sports. The wagers are high in hockey playoff odds since all teams are focused on winning.


Basketball is another popular sport in the gambling world. It’s good to choose a moneyline bet in this case because it is safe. Since you know the games that each team will play in six months, making predictions is easier.


Now that you understand what moneyline bets are, it’s time to give them a shot. We learned how they work and how to calculate profits, so all you really need is a great sportsbook. But since there are so many sports betting sites in the Philippines, why not make the choice simpler? Check out our sportsbook reviews to discover the best platforms for you. There you can bet with moneyline – a simple bet that doesn’t involve very complicated calculations.


No, not at all. Betting with moneyline is quite simple, you just choose the team that you think will win the game.

You can bet using moneyline at the beginning of the game/event.

It’s all very easy - you just need a simple formula. However, depending on whether you bet on the favorites or underdogs the formula is slightly different.

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