How to Use Indonesian Odds for Sports Betting

Learn everything you need to know about Indonesian odds in our full guide. We’ve covered how they work, how to use them, and more to help you get started.

Any sports betting fan knows that there are quite a few odds formats out there on the market. Although you may not have heard of them, some online sportsbooks in the Philippines offer Indonesian odds. This format is a little less popular than the usual default ones like American, European, and even Hong Kong odds.

However, Indo odds are fairly simple to understand and everyone can learn to use them. So in this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through what this format is all about and how it works. In addition, we’ll show you how to calculate your profits, too.

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What are Indonesian Odds?

Actually, Indonesian odds are quite similar to American odds. It’s just that in this case, you’re counting in increments of 100 and, of course, the odds can be positive or negative. So basically, 110 becomes +1.10. When it comes to positive Indonesian odds, the ‘+’ sign may not always be there but it’s always implied. On the flip side, the odds are negative only if you see a ‘-’. Either way, you’ll normally see this format displaying odds with up to two decimal places. 

In a nutshell, positive odds require you to risk 1 unit to win more than one unit. For instance, you can bet a dollar with +1.10 odds and you’ll win 1.10$ or 2.10$ in total. However, if you’re betting with negative Indo odds then you’ll have to risk more than one unit to win one. In other words, a 1.10$ bet with odds of -1.10 will get you 1$ in pure profit back. Or, you win your 1.10$ and an additional 1$ for 2.10$ in total.

Indonesian Sports Betting Odds

How Indonesian Odds Work

The Indonesian format works in a very simple and straightforward way. Just like many other types of betting odds, these can be either positive or negative. Of course, calculating is just a little different in each case.

Positive Indonesian Odds

The positive Indonesian odds always represent the underdog and are similar to the Hong Kong odds. This means that they have bigger payouts compared to the negative odds. In fact, if you win you will make at least double your wager with positive Indo odds. You can tell that the odds are positive by looking for the ‘+’ symbol before the number. 

Like in American odds, the number itself represents the odds of the wager. But Indonesian odds are based on a single unit wagered. So, odds of 2.00 (+2.00) implies that you will win 2 units for every one unit you wager, plus your stake. 

Negative Indonesian Odds

The negative Indonesian odds are basically the opposite of positive odds. Usually, they are applied to events considered likely to happen. You can recognize them thanks to the negative symbol in front.

Just like positive odds, the negative odds are based on one unit only. However, the number itself shows you how much you have to risk. For example, Indonesian odds of -1.60 mean that you will have to risk 1.60 units in order to gain one unit. But as per usual, you’ll receive your initial stake on top.

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How to Use Indonesian Odds

Even if you aren’t just getting started, figuring out how to calculate your profit from a simple explanation can be hard. So to help you understand how to calculate your potential winnings we’ve put together some useful examples:

Calculating Profit with Positive Odds

Calculating your potential profit with positive Indonesian odds is actually quite simple. First, remove the ‘+’ sign and any other redundant zeros. Then just multiply the number itself by the amount of your stake. For example, let’s say that Arsenal has odds of +3.50 to beat Liverpool in the English Premier League and we bet 10$. To figure out how much we’ll win, we first remove the positive sign and the zero from the number. That leaves us with 3.5 by which we multiply our 10$ wager. So, if our bet is successful we will make 35$.

Calculating Profit with Negative Odds

When it comes to calculating with negative Indonesian odds, once again we will first remove any redundant zeros. After that, divide what’s left by -1 to get the final figure which then will be multiplied by the stake. 

So let’s say we bet 10$ on Chelsea and they have odds of -3.60 to beat Arsenal in the Champion League. Of course, we remove the zero and get -3.6. Then, we divide -1 by -3.6 and receive 0.27, which is what we’ll gain for each unit we wager. Finally, we multiply 0.27 by our stake of 10$ to get 2.7$. So if the bet is successful, we will receive 2.7$ plus the initial 10$.


Indonesian odds, also known as Indo odds, are just one of the odds formats you can use for sports betting. But despite the name, they are not popular only in Indonesia. In fact, many sportsbooks in the Philippines offer this option. And since this format is very easy to understand and calculate profits with, it’s worth trying it if your operator offers the option.

Now that you know all about Indonesian odds, you can go ahead and apply this knowledge to your betting experience. However, if you don’t know where you can bet on your favorite sports, check out our sportsbook reviews. We only recommend the best platforms on the market.


Indonesian odds are similar to the American odds except that they are divided by 100.

Placing bets with the Indo odds is quite simple, all you have to do is learn how to remove the zeros and multiply the initial number by your stake.

You can easily convert Indo odds to fractional odds by removing the plus sign and any other zeros from the odds, then adding 1 at the end.

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