Cricket Betting – Best Guide

Online cricket betting is available on most online sports betting platforms in the Philippines. Come learn more about how to bet like a pro with our guide.

Cricket is a widely popular sport with millions of fans from across the world. It’s particularly popular in the UK, India, and Australia and there are many tournaments year-round. However, punters in the Philippines can also enjoy watching and betting on cricket as it’s available in many online sportsbooks.

Although cricket betting is loads of fun, it also requires some prior knowledge. In fact, an understanding of the game itself, as well as the various betting options is crucial. Hence why we’ve put together this guide, so stay till the end to learn more about cricket betting.

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Understanding Cricket Betting

Much like most types of sports, cricket is a team sport, which, involves two teams of eleven players. The teams in cricket will switch roles throughout the game and either try to score or prevent a run. The team on the batting side’s main objective is to score a run by hitting the ball with a bat. On the other hand, the team on the bowling side will do their best to prevent that.

Cricket has many variations but the classical Test match takes five days to complete. Of course, there are faster versions, too. “Innings” will continue until 10 of the 11 batsmen have been dismissed. This mostly happens through catching them out or bowling. An “over” on the other hand will last for six deliveries of the ball.

Cricket Betting Options

There are many cricket betting options you could take advantage of, depending on the betting site. Here are the most commonly available types of bets for punters in the Philippines: 

  • Match Winner – It is the most common form of cricket betting, as you just have to pick who you think will win the match. Sometimes you can bet on a draw, too. 
  • To Win The Toss – This bet is not tied to the performance of any player or team. To Win The Toss bets are simply betting on who will win the coin toss at the beginning of the match. 
  • Run-Scorer Odds – You can place a bet on a batsman to be the top run scorer in T20, a Test match, a One-Day-International (ODI), or over the course of a tournament.You can also back a certain player to be the top run scorer from his team or both teams. 
  • Bowler Betting – It’s exactly what it sounds like – betting on who will be the top bowler. You can also try bowler match bets by simply picking one of the two players who will have the most wickets. 
  • Most Fours/Sixes – This type of betting offers you the opportunity to wager on which of the two teams will score the most fours or sixes during the course of the match.
Cricket Betting Guide

Take Advantage of Cricket Betting Offers

Different bookmakers offer different types of bonuses of varying sizes. But the most common betting offers you’ll come across include:

  • Welcome Bonus – You are eligible to receive a welcome bonus as soon as you sign up. It could be in the form of a match deposit bonus or a free bet.
  • Odds Boost – The top bookmakers with a large bettor base will offer better odds margins for you to enjoy. The number of bettors visiting the site makes that possible. 
  • Special In-play Bonuses – These are rather rare and normally only offered on special occasions for punters using in-play betting. For example, such an offer can be a $20 in-play bonus for those who bet at least $20 on a specific match.
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The Biggest Cricket Betting Tournaments

There are plenty of cricket events you can bet on, so here are some of the most popular: 

  • Cricket World Cup – Since 1975, every four years, nations from all over the world battle it out in six weeks to decide to become the world champion. 
  • The IPL – The IPL, or the Indian Premier League, is a professional T20 cricket league. It consists of eight selected teams from eight of India’s cities. 
  • The BBL – The BBL, or the Big Bash League, is Australia’s answer to the IPL. The BBL is all about T20 cricket and there are plenty of in-play betting opportunities. 
  • T20 (Twenty20) – T20 is a new style of playing cricket that makes the game faster(only a day) and more thrilling. Because of this, especially when it comes to in-play betting, many bettors favor T20.  
  • The Ashes – The Ashes is a competition between England and Australia and it has been around since 1882. Among many others, you could bet on who is going to win the series or who will be the series top batsman for each of the teams.

Cricket Betting Odds And Tips

When looking to place a cricket bet, there are a few things you will want to pay attention to. 

  • Consider the Teams – Just like in football, teams in cricket enjoy the home advantage. For example, India is notorious for being very difficult to beat on their own turf. 
  • Player Specifics – Not all players are the same. For example, Kevin Pietersen is known to have a weakness with left-arm spin bowlers. 
  • External Factors – A slight change in the weather can impact the game time significantly. This is an important factor to consider, especially when betting on the runs markets.

In addition, depending on the sports betting platform, the betting odds may come in various formats. Most commonly you will come across either the fractional odds or decimal odds format. Fractional odds, which are commonly used in the UK, have fractional figures like 3/1. On the other hand, decimal odds look like this – 4.00. Either way, you should be looking for the most favorable ones.

Time to Place a Bet

Cricket betting, like any other form of sports betting, is really fun and offers an opportunity to profit off of your favorite sport. There are many types of bets you could choose from, especially if you’re in the Philippines. As long as you set a budget and stick to it, you’re bound to have a great time. But your experience is only as good as the betting platform you choose, so head on to our sportsbook reviews to find the right match for you.


Which sportsbook is the best is really a matter of personal preference but always make sure the platform is licensed and takes your data security seriously.

Yes, of course. In-play cricket betting, cash-out features, and everything in between is available on the go with most online sportsbooks.

Yes. Multi-betting is applicable to all sports, including cricket. You can place as many as twelve cricket bets under one betting slip.

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