How to Bet with Malaysian Odds

Learning how to use Malaysian odds for online sports betting is easy. Discover all about how it works and how to convert to other odds with our full guide.

Online sports betting is one of the most popular pastime activities for Filipinos. So naturally, there are many online sportsbooks in the Philippines where you can bet on your favorite sports. You can wager on different types of sports ranging from soccer to esports with a variety of odds formats. One of the simplest such formats to use is Malaysian odds.

Of course, as the name suggests, Malay odds originate in Malaysia. Many punters love using them because they are incredibly easy to learn how to apply. Moreover, calculating your potential profit, the implied probability of winning, and even converting to other formats is also not complicated. Our expert guide will show you how to do all of that and everything else you need to know to get started.

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Malaysian Odds – What are they?

One of the reasons why Malaysian odds are so popular amongst punters worldwide is because of their simplicity. This format uses decimal figures to display the probability of an event occurring and is very intuitive. In addition, similarly to other types of betting odds, Malay odds can be positive or negative. Actually, they are particularly similar to the American format so if you are familiar with that one this will be a breeze. However, there is one significant difference in that Malay odds are based on a single unit of stake. So in the case of even money or in other words when the chance of winning is 50% the Malaysian odds will be 1.00.

Malaysian Odds Guide

The Basics of Malay Odds

With Malaysian odds, it’s all about the relationship between the wager and the potential profit. In fact, this is what determines whether the odds will be positive or negative. You can easily recognize with which kind you’re dealing by looking for the minus (-) sign before the odds figures themselves. Unlike the plus (+) sign for positive odds which may or may not be present, negative odds are always marked with a minus in front. But if you’ve ever dealt with Indonesian odds, for instance, all of this will be very easy for you. On the other hand, those who are just getting started need not worry as we are about to explore how exactly Malaysian odds work.

Calculating Implied Probability

Although the house always has a certain profit margin, determining the probability of winning that it pre-sets is at the core of your decision-making. This is also called implied probability and it’s simply a percentage figure that indicates the chance of a given event occurring. In the case of Malay odds, just like with other formats, a simple calculation will convert the odds figures into easily understood percentages. 

However, the process of finding implied probability is a little different when dealing with positive as opposed to negative odds. Whether the odds are positive or negative depends on the relationship between the wager and the profitability. So if the potential profit is smaller than one unit of your wager you have positive odds and vice versa.

Implied Probability of Positive vs Negative Odds

First, let’s look at positive Malay odds which are used for the favorite teams. The calculation here is simple – just multiply the size of your bet by the actual odds figure. For example, if the odds are +0.5 and you bet, let’s say, 100PHP then your potential profit is 100PHP x 0.5 = 150PHP. With positive odds you will always win less than one unit of your wager, i.e. it will never be a 1:1 ratio of wager to winnings.

On the flip side, we have negative odds. They are used when betting on the underdog team or, in other words, when you bet on an event that your bookie deems unlikely to happen. Here the situation is quite the opposite and the profit will be much larger if you win. Keeping in mind that negative Malay odds express the size of the risk ( i.e. wager) you need to take to win one unit, let’s look at an example. When you wager 100PHP at -0.5 you will win 200PHP. To get here we first removed the minus (-) sign and then divided the wager by the odds: 100PHP/0.5=200PHP.

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Malay Odds to Decimal Odds Conversion

Converting from Malay to decimal odds is fairly easy, especially for positive ones. Simply replace the zero with one to get a decimal odds figure. For example, positive Malaysian odds of 0.45 will then become 1.45 in decimals. But with negative odds, it’s a little more complicated. First, we will remove the minus from -0.45. The resulting value of 0.45 we will then divide by 1 one, therefore arriving at 2.22. Finally, we add one to the previous value, resulting in the conversion to 3.22 in decimal odds.

Calculating Profit with Malaysian Odds

Just like with all other calculations, determining your potential profit is a different process depending on whether the odds are positive or negative. For positive odds, it’s a simple matter of multiplying the odds by your stake. So a stake of 200PHP with 0.9 odds will yield a profit of 200×0.9=180PHP, plus the original 200.

As for profits with negative odds, once again start by removing the negative symbol. Then divide 1 by that value and finally multiply by your stake. For example, a 200PHP bet with odds of -0.20 yields a profit of (1/0.20)x200=1000PHP, plus the original 200PHP.


Online sports betting platforms offer a variety of options when it comes to the odds formats you can use to place a wager. One of the simplest ways to bet on your favorite team is using Malaysian odds. Not only are they easy to grasp but are also available on various mobile betting platforms. But if you don’t have a sportsbook in mind yet, check out our online betting sites reviews to find the best match for you.


Malaysian odds are a sports betting odds format that uses decimal figures to express the probability of a given event occurring.

Yes, although the format originates in Malaysia it’s available on many betting websites worldwide.

Yes, of course. Conversion of Malay odds is very simple, especially to decimal or American odds.

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