Best Guide to Boxing Betting

Boxing betting is a great way to profit from your favorite sport and is available at most online sportsbooks. Learn more about it in this full guide.

Boxing betting has been around for nearly as long as the activity itself (nearly 5,000 years), making it the oldest sports betting passion still in existence. Actually, boxing has a great crossover appeal among sports fans, especially those who enjoy contact sports. In fact, the bulk of dedicated soccer, rugby, and NFL sports gamblers regularly wager on boxing, too.

Not only is betting on boxing super fun but it’s also a great opportunity to profit from your favorite sport. The popularity of the sport makes it one of the most attractive betting markets. So, the demand is high and that’s why most online sportsbooks in the Philippines offer boxing betting. There are so many options to choose from, too, but stick around till the end of this guide to find out more. 

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Boxing in a Nutshell

Boxing is among the most basic and also oldest betting sports in the world. Simply put, two people (typically men) battle with their fists until one of them falls unconscious. However, boxing is different from a random street fight or a brawl. There are rules in place to determine a winner, and also minimize the potential for injury to the boxers. But amateur boxing and professional boxing have different rules, as do professional boxing organizations. 

The sanctioning organization determines the exact dimensions of the boxing ring. Usually, rings at lesser venues can only be 16 feet wide, but Olympic boxing enables rings to be up to 20 feet wide. Only a few professional organizations permit rings to be longer than 25 feet. Furthermore, professional bouts can span anywhere from four to twelve three-minute rounds. On the other hand, two-minute rounds are typical in women’s bouts and some bouts hosted in the United Kingdom.

Boxing Betting in the Philippines

Boxing Divisions and Weights

Boxers fight in weight classes, which in professional boxing range from a minimum limit of 48kg to heavyweight, which has no weight limit. Nowadays, professional boxing has 17 weight classes – ten more than amateur boxing and 3 more than UFC. Generally, it’s fairly uncommon for a fighter to start their career in a weight class and go through many divisions before retiring. For example, Manny Pacquiao started off as a light flyweight but advanced to super welterweight.

Professional Boxing Weight Classes

  • Light flyweight, 49kg (108 pounds)
  • Flyweight, 51kg (112 pounds)
  • Super flyweight, 52kg (115 pounds)
  • Bantamweight, 53.5kg ( 118 pounds)
  • Super bantamweight, 55kg (122 pounds)
  • Featherweight, 57kg  (126 pounds)
  • Super featherweight, 50kg (130 pounds)
  • Lightweight, 61kg (135 pounds)
  • Super lightweight, 63.5kg (140 pounds)
  • Welterweight, 67kg (147 pounds )
  • Super welterweight, 70kg  (154 pounds )
  • Middleweight, 72.5 kg  (160 pounds)
  • Super middleweight, 76 kg (168 pounds)
  • Light heavyweight, 79 kg (175 pounds )
  • Cruiserweight, 91 kg (200 pounds)
  • Heavyweight, unlimited
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Common Types of Boxing Bets

There are many types of bets you can opt for nowadays but some are more popular than others. Here are the most common boxing betting markets, along with explanations of boxing betting lines:


Of course, the most apparent and popular wager in a contact sport between two competitors is on who will win the fight. In a nutshell, that’s a Moneyline bet. The difference in quality and style between the two fighters might significantly impact the money line. For instance, in lopsided battles Moneyline favorites in the -1000s (bet $1000 to win $100) are prevalent. Similarly, the underdogs are also in the +1000s (bet $100 to win $1000) because they have a slim chance.

So, the more evenly matched the two teams are, the more interesting the event will be. For example, a -3000 favorite against a +1500 underdog would likely be much more entertaining and unpredictable than a -175 favorite against a +145 underdog. But the most important thing in boxing is the knockout punch, especially to you as a punter. Of course, bettors should stick to huge favorites that aren’t vulnerable to knockouts when wagering big favorites. However, underdogs with a strong knockout punch are also very appealing.

Outright Winner

When it comes to the outright winner bet, it’s as simple as picking one boxer to beat the other and betting on the odds. However, you don’t get to choose the round or the winning technique – you only get to choose the winner. Therefore this bet works best if you are 100 percent sure that Fighter A will defeat Fighter B. Also, you must be willing to accept that you’ll have to bet a larger amount to earn a small payout if you’ve selected the favorite. But if you have a rock-solid tip or know that Fighter B – the fight’s underdog – will beat Fighter A, you can wager on the upset.

Winning Method

Besides betting on who the winner is, in boxing betting, you can also wager on the winning method itself. So you’re betting on a boxer to win by a specific method, such as a decision, KO, TKO, or by DQ. Some bookmakers will offer odds for either boxer to win using those tactics. This strategy can be used to win consistently with the support of your own knowledge of the game or strong boxing betting tips.

Winning Group of Rounds

Another way to bet on boxing is to wager on who will win in a certain trio of rounds like rounds 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, or even 10-12. Actually, this is a good strategy to earn good betting odds and it’s a logical option if you know the boxer has a history of starting fast and defeating competitors within three rounds. So suppose a boxer, such as middleweight king Gennady Golovkin, has a history of starting slowly before destroying the opponent by the middle rounds. In that case, you can bet on them to triumph in rounds 4-6 or 7-9.

Round Betting

When you place a wager on a boxer to win a given round – that’s a round bet. Although it yields the greatest results, this is the most difficult boxing wager to predict. Therefore this bet is best used to back a powerful puncher to knock out a boxer with a suspect chin in round one.

Total Rounds

This bet is normally set at 9.5 in a 12-round title fight, and you gamble that the fight will last fewer or perhaps more than 9.5 rounds. But instead of choosing a winner with this wager, you are predicting whether the fight should last nine rounds (-9.5) at most or over nine rounds (+9.5). If you realize that one of the fighters in the fight lacks KO power and yet is tenacious and likes to go the distance, betting on +9.5 could result in a boxing odds payoff.

Boxing Betting Online

Boxing Betting Odds Explained

If you don’t know how to read boxing odds, they can be a little perplexing. But reading the odds of a boxing match becomes easy once you know what to look out for and how the odds are calculated. Generally, American sportsbooks utilize Moneyline odds and European sites use fractional or decimal odds. Nevertheless, a fight’s betting odds usually look something like this:

  • Boxer A (-320)
  • Boxer B (+210)

In this case, Boxer A would be the fight’s favorite. In addition, his bout odds are -320 and that’s the same as saying 3.2-1. So if Boxer A wins, you’ll make $1 per each $3.20 you bet on him. So if you wager $320 on Boxer A and he wins, you’ll make a $100 profit. However, you will lose $320 if Boxer A loses the bout.

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Our Top Boxing Betting Tips

Before placing a sports wager, regardless of the sport, bettors should always conduct thorough research. Generally, novice bettors will just compare the histories of the two parties before placing a stake. Nevertheless, this does not tell the complete story because the opponents’ caliber must also be considered. In addition, consider how long the boxer has been competing in their present weight class.

It may seem unreasonable to expect bettors to watch every battle a boxer has ever fought. However, in today’s world, with clips of fights publicly available on platforms like YouTube, it is not as difficult as one may imagine. So study each fighter, understand their trends, and create a theory about how the fight will play out.

Furthermore, certain statistics are actually quite useful in forecasting how a match will go. There are many ways to determine how many punches a boxer throws and lands. Usually, the combatant who is the most active wins the match. Hence it’s a good idea to check for statistics on who throws and lands the most powerful punches and jabs.

Wrapping Up

Boxing betting has been around for a long time, in fact for thousands of years. This is one of the most popular sports out there and by extension, the betting market for it is also in high demand. Hence why most online sportsbooks in the Philippines offer boxing betting for you to enjoy. Not only is it loads of fun but it gives an opportunity to win some extra cash. Now that you’re through with this guide, basically, you know everything you need to start betting. All that’s left to do is find a great platform to place your wagers on and you can find the right one for you on our sportsbook reviews page.


Boxing betting can be done in many ways. For example, with Moneyline bets you can wager on who you think will win the match. Alternatively, you can place prop bets like total rounds, too.

Not all, but most online sportsbooks in the Philippines offer boxing betting. Head over to our sports betting sites reviews to find the right one for you.

Boxing underdogs may not win all the time, but when they do you can profit a lot. So if you’re sure about your choice, it’s worth the shot.

Negative odds are attached to the favorite boxers in every match. This means your winning chances are higher, though your wins are never as high as what you'd get if the underdog wins.

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