Horse Racing Betting Guide

Learn about horse racing betting with our complete guide, including all about the types of bets available at online sportsbooks in the Philippines.

Betting on horse racing events is one of the most popular types of sports to bet in the Philippines. It’s an activity as old as time – and for good reason. Horse racing betting is not only fun but can also be very profitable, especially if luck is on your side. 

But to make the most out of your experience you need to know more about the sport. In addition, knowing how to place a wager is crucial. Hence why we’ve put this guide together – here you’ll find everything you need to know to start making cash.

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The Basics

Horse racing, as the name suggests, is a performance sport involving horse riding. Of course, a race requires at least two jockeys and their horses but there can be many competitors. The objective is to be the fastest of the bunch, hence most events finish within ten minutes. There are two types of horse racing that you can bet on:

  • Flat racing – on a track without obstacles.
  • National Hunt/Jump racing – on a track with obstacles. Depending on the type of obstacle, these can be Chases or Hurdle races.

Usually, flat racing is more common in the summer and jump racing in winter. However, both kinds of events can be held year-round. Furthermore, most horses are trained specifically for either flat or jump races but some can participate in both.

Horse Racing Betting Online

Horse Racing Angles

Although horse racing can largely depend on chance, there are several factors that impact results. Of course, analyzing past performances can be overwhelming. This is why we recommend you consider the following horse racing angles when placing a wager:

  • Trainers are just as important as the horse you are betting on. Naturally, different trainers have different skills and some specialize in preparing horses only for certain tracks.
  • The jockey is the one actually riding the horse and a lot of the performance depends on them. Pay attention to their ratings and their agents as well.
  • Speed figures are certainly correlated to a competitor’s winning chances – the faster, the better. There are different figures available online and they can help quickly identify a competitor with winning potential. 
  • Surface changes can seriously affect a horse’s performance as some are simply better on dirt, for instance.
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Popular Horse Racing Bets

The most common type of bet you can place in horse racing is the win bet. Hence, you can find it on virtually any online sportsbook that offers horse racing betting, or any other type of sport to bet on. It’s as simple as it sounds – you are just backing a certain horse to win. But there are plenty of other types of bets, including:

Exotic Bets

Exotic bets like exacta, quinella, superfecta, and trifecta allow you to place multiple bets on multiple horses at once. However, this is exactly what makes them more difficult to win – all of your predictions must be correct. Moreover, these bets are also more expensive. So if you plan on placing an exotic bet, make sure you are confident in your choices. 

Straight Bets

A straight bet is very simple to wrap your head around – just pick a horse you believe will win the race. Because you’re wagering on a single result, winning is easier than with exotic bets. Of course, straight bets are cheaper to place, too.

Place and Show Bets

When you go for a place bet, you are simply wagering that the horse will either come in first or second position. As for the show bet, you are predicting whether the horse will come in the first, second, or third spot.

Across the Board Bets

This is perhaps the safest way to wager in horse racing. When you place across-the-board bets, you are staking an equal amount to win, place, and show. So if your unit stake is $10, then you will have to spend up to $30 in total for this bet.

Ante-Post Bets

Ant-post bets are simply wagering on an event that will happen in the future. In horse racing, ante-post bets have different rules but most notably, if a horse doesn’t run in the race for any reason, then you have deemed a loser.

Multiple Race Bets

Multiple race bets require you to correctly predict the winners of multiple races at once. With a single ticket, you can bet on the result of as little as two events, though going up to six or even more is not uncommon.

Hot to Bet on Horse Racing

Odds In Horse Racing

There are many types of odds in sports betting but in horse racing decimal and fractional odds are the most common. These are different formats that express the same thing – the probability of an event occurring. But how are the odds determined in horse racing? 

Odds in horse racing are determined using what is referred to as the pari-mutuel system. Simply put, horse racing odds are determined by the bettors themselves. The listed odds for a horse racing program you will see are just morning line odds set by the track handicapper.

Although they are usually fairly accurate, they are meant to serve as a guide. In other words, they don’t impact the final odds for a given horse. Instead, the odds in horse racing betting depend on the stake size – the higher the wager, the lower the odds.

Predicting Horse Performance

Picking the right horse when placing a wager can be a challenging task. However, there are several things that you should consider to help you make a decision. Of course, the chance is also a significant factor in horse racing but the following ones can certainly make an impact, too.

Age, Weight and Form of the Horse

The weight you see displayed on the race card is the accumulative weight of the horse itself, the saddle, weight cloth, and jockey. Younger horses with lightweight and good form have a higher chance of performing well.

Easy Last Time Out Winners

If your preferred horse won the last race with ease, there’s a high chance that it will follow up the win with another one. A horse with a win next to its name tends to have a higher strike rate than others. 

Good Rating Figures

There is a rating system in place for National Hunt and Flat races, which evaluates horses based on past performances. A horse with good ratings has a good track record of winning or was in the top six on three different occasions.

Bouncing Back

While it’s relatively easy to focus on horses with great track records – the opposite strategy may also work. Some of the poorly performing horses could bounce back with the right conditions. So look for potential winners in the back of the row, too.

Trainer Change

The trainer plays a very important role in the overall performance of a horse. If a horse has a poor trainer and changes to a better one, there’s a high chance its performance will also improve.

Horse Racing Betting Like a Pro

Horse racing betting is certainly loads of fun but risking your cash – not as much. But the pro bettors have a few trips under their belts to make the most out of each wager and maximize profit. Here’s how to bet smarter:

Carefully Pick Your Bet

Identifying a bet that has a higher potential of bringing you cash is the most important decision. Bets such as trifecta box, superfecta box, and show have a better chance of winning because you bet on more than one position.

Have a Proper Budget

Money management goes hand in hand with making lots of cash. A proper bankroll is crucial to improving your chances of maximizing profits. Moreover, it helps bring risky choices to a minimum and ensures you can bet for longer.

Stay Informed

Rankings and other important statistics on a horse are usually readily available online. Make good use of such information before selecting your pick.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

If your sportsbook offers any special bonuses and promotions, make sure you take advantage of them. Whether it’s boosted odds, cashback, or free bets – giving your bankroll a break is always a good idea.

In a Nutshell

Horse racing betting is an all-time favorite for many in the Philippines and around the world. It’s an excellent way to keep up with your favorite sport, have fun, and profit at the same time. In fact, it’s so popular that you will find horse racing betting opportunities at most online sportsbooks. If you don’t have a bookie yet, head to our sports betting site reviews to discover some of the best platforms on the market.


There is no one right answer to that, each type of bet has its pros and cons. So pick the one that suits your betting style and budget best.

No, it’s not possible to bet on a horse to lose. In horse racing betting you can only bet on who will win or take a certain position by the end of the race.

How much you can win depends on your stake size. Moreover, different sportsbooks have varying maximum limits on how much you can win from a single bet.

"Dead heat" in horse racing simply refers to a tie. It could be a tie in any position/ placement.

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