How to Bet on World Cup 2022

All about the 2022 World Cup betting and odds, including additional info on the tournament in Qatar and other betting tips.

We don’t need to tell you how big of a deal for an average punter is to bet on World Cup. Especially this one, which takes place during winter when there isn’t too much activity. According to the various experts in this field, Qatar 2022 World Cup will be one of the biggest betting spectacles ever with the largest amount of money involved.

Given all these circumstances, it would be wise to stay with us for several minutes and read the upcoming article, because it could benefit you in several ways.

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Bet on World Cup – Types of Bets

You will have plenty of options to bet on World Cup Qatar 2022. The biggest catch here is finding a suitable betting type for your needs. We will explain a few of the most popular, and in the end, hopefully, you will find your favorite.

Outright bets are those that are not connected with a specific event. Let us give you an example – France winning the World Cup or Aleksandar Mitrovic becoming a top goalscorer. You can see here this bet isn’t about a final outcome of a game, or the efficiency of the same, or anything like that.

We gave an example typical for the bookies’ offer, but you can create an outright bet on your own, Brazil to win the World Cup and Neymar to score at least five goals. Practically, you have no limits and restrictions here, and that’s why many punters like to use this type of betting.

Parlays are maybe the most popular type of betting. When you have a few picks for the day, there is an option to put them all on one slip, and that’s called parlay betting. So instead of having just one bet, you have a couple of them all in one place. The downside is that everything falls through if one pick isn’t correct. On the other side, the positive aspect is much higher profits and the possibility of winning a substantial amount of cash without risking some notable figure of your money.

Live betting is a type of betting which takes place during the event. It is also called in-play betting, and the only difference between this and usual betting is the timing, with the latter occurring before the start. In-play is very popular, and some punters are very successful in it. Even though it doesn’t seem like that, this type is equally popular as regular pre-match betting.

Most Popular Bets to bet on World Cup in Qatar 2022

In a sea of offers and markets, three stand above all the others:

  • Winner
  • Golden Boot
  • Golden Ball
How to Bet on World Cup Qatar 2022

2022 World Cup Odds

Besides the usual offers for betting, the ones we encounter each week, the bookmakers will increase their output and add more markets and betting options for the tournament in Qatar.

What we need to do here is to maximize our opportunities and chances for making profits. In order to do that, we need to do comprehensive research that will show us the pros and cons of every bookmaker and also, which ones offer the highest odds.

This is important because we are in this for the money, and even the slightest difference in betting odds could mean a lot in the long run, especially for those who practice parlay betting.

Regarding the research, certain bookmakers change the odds depending on their promotions or bonuses after fulfilling specific requirements.

In the case of promotions, for example, there is one for betting on England becoming the World champions. The regular odds are 6/1, but in the case of the promotion, the new ones are 8/1. And big brands usually have a period before the tournament, with each day having a promo for a different favorite, so wait your turn if there is a favorite in your notebook. 

Bonuses for requirements are easy to explain. Spain to win the tournament is 7/1, but if you stake £100 pounds or more, they are 8/1.

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2022 World Cup Betting Offers

Special offers are something you need to watch out for and utilize. This is how bookmakers motivate clients to visit them more frequently and use their services. In return, the big brands are giving all sorts of benefits to those punters.

Bonus on deposit, for instance. When you deposit £20 in your account, the bookmaker doubles that sum giving you extra money for betting. Some of the brands require fulfilling certain conditions, while others don’t ask for that.

Special offers aren’t focused exclusively on money and can be linked with odds, cashback, etc.

This is a very important aspect of betting because it can give you an advantage in certain situations.

Our Tips to Bet on World Cup 2022 – Safe Betting

There are a few pieces of advice that could help you during the upcoming tournament and even after that, as they apply to any football-involved betting.

Tracking the form during the preparation period is probably an essential part of the entire puzzle because you can see many things during the friendly games ahead of the World Cup.

Injuries and suspensions are of the utmost importance because one absence can change the entire system and philosophy, and some teams simply can’t adapt.

Head-to-head games in the past can be handy. We have so many international fixtures these days, and some nations frequently encounter one another. That’s why you need to check their history of meetings and see whether there is a pattern or some sort of a tradition because that shows a lot of hidden details that might become important in the end.

Specific circumstances. This is the case when logic doesn’t have any value. Let’s say that Brazil won the opening two games in the group stage, securing the top spot in the assembly. They are far stronger than Cameroon, who needs a win to progress to the knockout stage.

As said, the logic stops here, and we wouldn’t bet on Selecao’s win, because their coach could determine to rest some players and sacrifice this game to avoid suspensions and injuries. Meanwhile, Cameroon is in a do-or-die situation, and they have nothing to lose, with a much greater motive than the rivals.

The schedule is a significant factor for betting. One side could suffer a lot of beating throughout the campaign and then run into a well-rested and healthy unit that isn’t better than them but, in the current circumstances, has an advantage.

Our Tips on 2022 World Cup Betting

2022 World Cup Predictions

We mentioned the three most popular bets in the early part of this text, and we will run through all of them and give more info about them.

World Cup Winner

The biggest favorites, according to the bookmakers, are Brazil and France. Selecao is impressive over the past two years and looks pretty strong. Meanwhile, France oscillates, but we all know they perform the best in crucial moments. 

Other teams involved in the title race are Argentina, England, Spain, and Belgium. Argentinians look fantastic, and they haven’t lost a game for more than three years, winning the Copa America title in Brazil.

Spain is on the rise, Belgium has superstars, while England isn’t good lately but could go all the way with the talent in its squad. Also, not to forget Portugal, whose roster looks the best of all when looking position by position.

Top Goalscorer

The first two picks are Mbappe and Neymar because everyone expects to see their two nations playing the most games, thus having the opportunity to score the most goals.

We can’t neglect Messi and Kane, who is the focal point of their respective national teams, as well as Cristiano Ronaldo. Of course, there are some outsiders that might surprise, judging by their current form, like Aleksandar Mitrovic, who is incredible when playing in the national jersey. 

Best Player

Mbappe, Messi, and Neymar are the top trio here, according to the current volume of bets placed on them, but other superstars could burst and take the Golden Ball ahead of these artists. For example, it wouldn’t be strange for Coutinho and Raphinha to take the honors in case Brazil wins the title, or Kevin de Bruyne if Belgium reaches the late stages. 

Single Match Bets

The most common bets here, so we wanted to mention them in this article section because they present more than three-quarters of all the bets in World Cups.

The variety of markets here is massive, and you have many options regarding efficiency, the full-time result, cards, etc. Single-match bets could be combined with others in parlays, or mixed with other sports. Simply, the options are numerous. 

Do know that our time will write daily previews and predictions during the period to bet on World Cup 2022, and we will give away free betting picks. So don’t forget to visit our website regularly. 

Group Stage Predictions

World Cup Group Stage betting has been closely covered in our different articles. Many punters earn a lot of money from betting on the group winners, or teams that qualify for the knockout stage. Maybe you should try this as well.


Hopefully, this article helped you in some way, explaining certain matters you didn’t understand well in the past. Also, it lists the most crucial betting factors for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, and just to know that there is plenty of additional information on our website, you just need to take a look around. 

All the best during your betting adventures!


Yes, it is perfectly legal to bet on the upcoming 2022 World Cup, but only at a licensed bookmaker.
They aren't because live-bet odds depend on the current situation on the field, and that can be drastically different than anyone expected while making odds before the event started.

Yes, every relevant online bookmaker will offer live-betting 2022 World Cup odds on its website. Read our article on how we review online betting sites and which ones are relevant.

Dark horse is a team that isn't among the top favorites to win a competition but could go all the way. It is a phrase used for a team that comes out of nowhere and stuns everyone while snatching the title. So a dark horse bet is, in fact, a long-shot bet.

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