Who are the Favorites to Win the World Cup 2022

The analysis of the top favorites for winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, including their current form, chemistry, injuries and squads.

The whole world is tense because of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Favorites. Besides the Olympic Games, the global football championship is the most popular sporting event, and it’s normal to have such tremendous hype surrounding it. 

Bookmakers have released the various odds and their favorites, but the most significant ones are those regarding the tournament winners. Football bets are the most interesting for punters and we have a variety of them prepared linked with the 2022 Qatar.

A few teams have better chances than the rest of the rivals, and in this article, you can find more about them and additional information about the World Cup 2022 and the football odds for the same.

Brazil, France, Argentina, Spain, England, Belgium, and a few other national selections are topping the list of contenders. On the other hand, teams like Qatar, the tournament host, don’t stand the slightest chance of winning the trophy.

We will debate the quality of teams based on a few factors: squad, chemistry, injuries, and the current form.

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When looking at the names, Brazil, France and Portugal have the strongest teams of all present in Qatar. With all due respect, these three selections are the most balanced and have exquisite players in all the lines.

Neymar, Raphinha, Coutinho, Casemiro, Militao, Vinicius, Alisson, all these guys are in Brazil’s lineup. There could be a slight misbalance between the offense and the defensive line, but that doesn’t mean Brazil has a mediocre defense. They simply have a tremendous attack, with more sounding names.

France is stacked with superstars like they always are, even though Pogba won’t play. Benzema, Nkunku, Varane, Kante, Mbapee, Griezmann. As for Portugal, it might surprise many, but take a closer look at their depth, Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes, Diogo Jota, Bernardo Silva, Cancelo, Dias, and many more. When you compare them with other teams, that depth we are talking about emerges to the surface.

Of course, other teams have big-time names on their roster, but they can’t compare with these three selections. Still, having superstars on the roster doesn’t guarantee anything.

Just remember Greece from the 2004 EURO once they shocked the world by winning the continental championship with average players who didn’t have some notable careers.

Who are the Favorites to Win the World Cup 2022


Brazil’s chemistry depends upon Neymar. If he stays on the right course and avoids his individual acts, Selecao should look perfect. Raphinha and Coutinho clicked perfectly, and these two carry the team, with Neymar being the tip of the spear alongside Richarlison. Joga Bonito spirit is back in Brazil, and all the players are on the same line here.

In our opinion, Argentina’s chemistry is the best compared to all the others, and Gauchos showed that at the previous Copa America and all the games after that competition. They look stable, mature, and well-balanced. It isn’t about Messi at all, but the entire team, in which each player knows his place. 

France has good chemistry because they played together for a long time, and the head coach Deschamps knows his players perfectly. As said, Pogba’s absence could interrupt a few things, but we believe there are solid replacements for Juve’s midfielder. 

Current Form of the Favorites

One team is forgotten by many, and that would be Spain. The Red Fury looks very, very good, and do remember that Luis Enrique has one of the youngest cores in the world, led by Pedri and Gavi. Currently, Spain has no pressure on its shoulders, unlike other contenders, which could be a big plus for them.

Brazil is in the best form of all when looking at the results and the hype, but to be honest, their opponents haven’t been that tough lately. Argentina, on the other side, isn’t under the spotlight, and their excellent results aren’t noticed by many. This unit has been without a defeat since 2019, and the Copa America semis.

Spain looks well also, and they’ve shown that during EURO and the recent UEFA Nations League. There is a certain consistency in their displays.

Some head coaches don’t want their players to overload now and don’t mind the results. That’s why Belgium, Portugal, France, and a few other teams that appear in title talks aren’t posting impressive results. 

On the other side, we have teams whose form isn’t great, like England. The Three Lions were superb in the qualifications, but their latest games are disastrous. Gareth Southgate’s crew suffered relegation from the UEFA Nations League A division.

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As mentioned before, Paul Pogba is probably the biggest name to miss the upcoming World Cup. Of course, there is still time until the start of the tournament, but let’s hope there won’t be more injuries. 

The French midfielder is one of the best in the world, and even though he didn’t have a very good stint in Manchester United over the past few years, his contribution to the national team was always the highest possible.

Germany’s Marco Reuss is questionable for the tournament too, but to be honest, Die Mannschaft has enough replacements ready to jump in.

Our Verdict for the Favorites

After looking at the entire picture and analyzing all the factors, we have our favorites – we think the Argentinian and Brazilian teams have the best chances of taking the trophy. Even though we haven’t seen the South American team claiming the title since 2002, with the Europeans taking over the domination, at this particular moment, Brazil and Argentina have all it takes to be the best in Qatar. No injuries, excellent chemistry, experience, and players at the peak of their careers. All others experience some sort of handicap in one of these categories. Though, it doesn’t mean that they can’t triumph in the end.

Visit your bookmaker to see the odds, and if you don’t know which one, we have the perfect proposal for you. Read our article on how we review online bookmakers and find the best one.

Football is a beautiful and unpredictable game, where the best often falls short of winning. Simply, luck sometimes plays a major role, and its significance is far more important than anything else.

Follow us and follow our daily World Cup 2022 previews and predictions.

World Cup 2022 Winner Odds

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The World Cup starts on November 20th, and the finals occur on December 18th. The host nation is Qatar.
Right now, Brazil and France are the top two favorites according to the best online bookmakers.
Brazil has lifted the world cup five times. Brazil won in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002, making them the highest winners.
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