Who are the Favorites to Win the Euro 2020?

Find out a comprehensive analysis of the biggest favorites for winning the EURO 2020, with our final verdict on that matter.

With the EURO 2020 just behind the corner, the fans are engaging in various debates. Who will be the best player, which team positively surprises the most, which turns out to be the biggest bust? Of course, the biggest discussions are about who wins the tournament. After all, that is why this competition exists, to determine the best unit on the continent. 

Several teams are in the mix here. According to the bookmakers, three teams stand above others, France, England, and Belgium. Behind them are three former world champions, Italy, Germany, and Spain, followed by the reigning European champs, Portugal. The majority of fans and experts believe that the winner of the championship is among these seven sides. 

While evaluating all of them, we will use several criteria: squad, chemistry, injuries, and current form. 

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France, without a doubt, has the strongest squad when looking at the names on the paper. Pogba, Kante, Mbappe, Griezmann, etc, all these guys are fantastic. 

Right behind them are the Belgians and the Portuguese national team. These two sides can compete with the Gauls when talking about individual quality, as they also have plenty of superstars. Just remember that Belgium has Lukaku and De Bruyne, while Selecao includes Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes, and Bernardo Silva. 

All other teams are one or a few steps behind the above-mentioned units. That, however, doesn’t mean that they are weaker.

Euro 2020 Favorites


In our personal opinion, Portugal is the team with the best chemistry of all. They are playing very good football, and even though this team has many new players compared to the 2018 World Cup, and especially the 2016 EURO, they are functioning perfectly. 

The Italians are also ranked very high in this group. Azzurri have an experienced defense that plays together for a long time, and Roberto Mancini used it as a solid foundation to build one very functional crew, which doesn’t have big stars but operates as a unit. 

For the first time in a long time, it appears that the chemistry inside the English team is good. We’ve often seen in the past that the Three Lions implode due to massive pressure. This is something that ruined generations and generations of excellent players, bringing nothing but frustration to the average football fan on the island. 

Current Form

Right now, the Italians seem to be in the best shape with 27 matches without a loss and 20 clean sheets during that period. Just a few are noticing this trend, so do remember that the Azzurri come to EURO red-hot. Also, most of their players didn’t have such tough seasons behind them, meaning that they enter the tournament fresh and full of energy. 

Belgium is also superb, having just two defeats since the World Cup in Russia three years ago. In the meantime, the Red Devils have faced pretty much all the top teams from Europe. Also, their players have been magnificent throughout the entire 2021 season. For instance, De Bruyne and Lukaku were unstoppable.

All other nations have slightly more inferior results and are not that convincing as the above-mentioned. Still, some teams have targeted their form for this competition and weren’t playing 100% in all matches. 

We will mention the form of the players as well, and say that the German and the Portuguese national team members are by far in the best shape. 

Germany had four players in the UCL finals, and Bayern Munich had a magnificent season even though they haven’t defended the European throne. Meanwhile, Bruno Fernandes, Bernardo Silva, Ruben Dias, Fabio Cancelo, Ronaldo, and many more had stellar performances during the entire campaign.

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Now, this is probably the most important part of the entire article. We will mention the most notable absences from this year’s EURO 2020. 

England’s team suffered two big blows recently. It appears that Hary Maguire won’t be ready for the first game, and on top of that, Trent Alexander-Arnold will have to miss the championship because of a recent injury. The fantastic youngster Harvey Barnes is also out, leaving the left flank of the English team pretty empty. The same has happened to Mason Greenwood.

Belgium also has trouble with injuries and absences. Eden Hazard reached the roster, but his shape is far from top, while Axel Witsel’s condition is still not fully tested following his Achilles tendon rupture rehab. What frightens fans the most is Kevin De Bruyne. Even though the doctors suggest he will be 100% ready, some doubt still remains. 

Other teams don’t have such massive problems with injured nor absent players.

Our Verdict on the EURO 2020 Winner

In our opinion, the battle for the title will be between France and Portugal. These two teams are in the same group, F, and we can’t wait to see them meet. 

Overall, these teams have everything that it takes to snatch the silverware – fantastic squads, incredible chemistry; their players come in full speed, and so far, the luck was on their side, avoiding injuries. 

Small details might decide who wins the EURO 2020. Even though it might be surprising for many, our pick here is Portugal because we believe that they are tactically more disciplined and that their players have more motive to prove themselves.

Don’t forget to visit us regularly during the tournament and follow our daily previews and predictions.

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