Free Euro 2020 Betting Tips and Predictions

All about the process of making EURO 2020 tips and predictions in one article, including the most important factors and rules for a better understanding.

EURO 2020 is loaded with excellent matches, and not only that. The competition opens various possibilities for earning some easy money from betting. After all, besides watching and enjoying one of the most attractive global sporting events, why not filling our pockets.

In order to make winning picks and increase the chances of ending this betting adventure profitably, you’ll need to have accurate information and tips, which allows you to have a complete overview of one game. 

The other option is simply visiting our site on a daily basis and follow our predictions. 

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Tips and Predictions

First of all, we need to make a distinction between tips and predictions. Tips are certain information, like stats, or a list of absent players, history of head-to-head matches, something that has certain significance and could affect the overall outcome of one game. 

On the other side, prediction is a suggestion given by someone, a website or a tipster, or any other party, about betting. Basically, it is a pick given to you after a thorough analysis, which includes evaluating all the tips and other factors that might influence the game, based on all this bookmaker determine which teams are favorites and have a better chance of winning the tournament.

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The Process of Making Betting Tips and Predictions

First of all, we want to tell you that our website has experienced tipsters working on this matter and that they operate together. All of them analyze each match before making the final judgment, which needs to be consensual, meaning that all team members need to agree about the prediction. If there is the slightest disagreement about a one pick/prediction, that one is abandoned. Even though it sounds complicated, it is really the safest way to maintain a high percentage of winning picks. 

The first step for the tipsters is examining recent matches, finding some notable patterns regarding the results, the efficiency, anything that is frequent when one team plays. For instance, Denmark didn’t allow a goal in five of the past six games. It immediately suggests that the Danes have an excellent defense and that their matches often see both teams not to score.

All the injuries or suspensions also need to be included, because some absences might have a massive impact on the game’s flow. Imagine if Kevin De Bruyne doesn’t play for Belgium or Harry Kane can’t appear for England. The whole tactic is disrupted, which inevitably leads to more problems that will emerge sooner or later. Just remember how many difficulties Liverpool had once Virgil Van Dijk suffered his injury. The Reds’ season collapsed because of his absence. 

Experienced tipsters are always checking head-to-head history. You can learn a lot by looking at the tradition and the past matches. Simply some teams know how to play against specific rivals, and no matter how they perform in other events, in that particular, they will be above the expectations. And vice versa. It might be a mental barrier, or simply the relationship between two sides, in which one has a dominant role, which often creates an obvious pattern in H2H results. 

We know that this sounds odd, but tipsters and analysts are always considering whether circumstances when making predictions about one match. Why is that? 

Well, some teams have playing styles suitable for certain types of weather. England knows how to play with long crosses and aerial passes from the backline, which is ideal for rainy days. It is difficult to establish a short pass game in such games, and teams like Spain might struggle a little bit. From this, you can see that weather could have a massive impact on the full-time result and the efficiency.

More skillful tipsters are checking out the referees and their stats. Today’s technology allows us to have easy access to various data. Among them are the yellow and red card averages one referee. Once looking at that, you’ll get a clear picture of the style of play he allows, and that has quite the significance. You can use that to bet on the number of yellows, or some specials that include red cars.

At last, the outside circumstances. Here we have various factors involved, such as home crowd, media pressure, long trips, less time for resting, etc. They too have to be included in the analysis, because sometimes, their importance is enormous

Betting Tips

Euro 2020 Predictions

Since this is the biggest football event this year, we will focus on it and be useful for our followers. Our experienced tipsters will cover daily matches and try to deliver the best possible predictions.

Apart from having previews for various matches, you will find some other suggestions for betting, so remember to visit our site frequently and get free daily EURO 2020 predictions. 


As you can see, making predictions is not that simple as many believe, but quite contrary. One has to dedicate a lot of time and effort to end up on the winning (profitable) side. Some are able to do that, others not that much.

That is why we have two options here. The first is to deliver just the tips and information, which will be later processed by our readers. The second is to spare them the trouble and present everything in one package, that is, to have the tips and the predictions all in one place.

We leave you to decide which option is more suitable.

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