How to bet on Euro 2020 (2021)

Everything on how to bet on EURO 2020 in one place. Types of bets, odds, offers, tips, and predictions for the upcoming tournament are all explained.

EURO 2020 is a magnet for fans and punters, as it is one of the most significant sporting events worldwide. This article will try to resolve any doubts you have over the betting process of the same. You should take five minutes of your time and read about all the details which could turn out to be very useful.

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EURO 2020 Types of Bets

The most important thing here is to realize that you’ll have all sorts of bets at your disposal for EURO 2020. It is one of the most popular events worldwide, which is why the bookmakers decided to exploit it as much as possible, allowing all sorts of options for betting. 

Usual bets will be the most frequent. When saying usual, we mean the common, most frequent ones we encounter in everyday betting – match winner, total goals, both teams to score, Asian handicap, half time/full time, etc. As you see, they are all connected with 90 minutes, that is, the regular time.

We didn’t mention all of them but just wanted to stress out the most popular ones. 

Outright bets are slightly different, and they aren’t linked with 90-minute games but are more about the long-term period. For example, a typical outright bet is who wins the EURO 2020 or ends up being a top goalscorer.

It is basically a bet that reflects on the entire tournament, not just one game in particular. And what is good about it is the fact that you can practically pick the bet you want to — for instance, Antoine Griezmann to score more than three goals or Belgium to reach the semifinals. 

Just by using some imagination, you can open various amount of options for your betting.

Parlay bets are also another popular way of betting here. Instead of betting on just one match, why not combine several of them and put that all on one slip. It is riskier because you need to pick more winning predictions, but on the other side, the profits are way higher.

In-play or live betting is also one of the ways of placing bets. The main difference between this type of betting and all the others is that it could only be done with the game underway. The number of punters who exercise live betting is much higher than anyone thinks, and as time goes by, it keeps on growing.

You should try it because it can be very profitable. Just think how many times you felt that one team is about to flip the result or score the next goal while watching the game? Well, why not use that to earn some money. 

The Most Popular Bets 

Three most popular bets at the moment are:

  • Winner
  • Top Goalscorer
  • Best Player of the Tournament

As you can see, all of them are outrights, and they pretty much consider the biggest three honors at the upcoming competition. 

Live Betting

EURO 2020 Odds

The European competition gives you a much wider variety of markets than usual. Your task here is to find the winning pick and, besides that, to find the biggest possible odds that would increase the profits. 

You need to be aware that not all bookmakers offer the same type of odds, which is why you need to do a small survey and see where are the most profitable odds for your pick.

Some bookies will offer special odds during the EURO. They are bigger than the regular ones, but the bookies won’t make too many of them, and usually, there are certain requirements one punter needs to fulfill.

For example, if you stake a specific amount of money, let’s say $50 on England to win the title, the odds will be 5/1. However, if you increase that sum to $100, the bookies will make a special offer to you and increase the odds to 6/1. So keep an eye on this, especially if you have some strong favorites.

The odds’ size won’t be the same all the time, remember that. The odds for outright bets will go up and down throughout the tournament, depending on several factors, so you must place the bet at the right time.

It is pretty much the same regarding in-play betting. For some markets, the odds are going to up as the end approaches, while others decrease. 

We are telling this to warn you about the timing of the betting. It needs to be perfect in some cases if you want to maximize the profits.

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EURO 2020 Betting Offers

Here is one very interesting area for every punter. Special offers are similar to special odds, as bookmakers motivate potential clients to chose them over other brands by giving certain benefits.

For example, if you pick a certain bookmaker to bet on EURO 2020 matches, they will give you some extra money for betting. Let’s say you stake $10. The bookie will double that, but of course, you will need to require several conditions to cash in your winning created by that extra money. Yet, it is still a good bargain for those who are systematic and disciplined in their betting.

Betting bonuses and offers don’t always include the money. The previously mentioned special odds are a type of special offers. 

The bottom line, in this case, is that these offers give you a chance to increase the winnings without risking more money than usual. 

Tips on EURO 2020 Betting

Certain tips might be helpful once betting on this tournament. We will say a few, so read this part of the article very well.

  • The first and the most important is to follow the preparation period and see if there are some notable absences from teams involved in your betting plans. That was mentioned before. 
  • Weather and the head-to-head history were also checked.
  • Know that the third round of the group stage is a bit specific. We often saw massive favorites losing to some underdogs at this particular stage of the tournament, and here is why. 
  • You see, many teams secure their progress to the knockout stage already after two rounds. They go on to rest all the players and clear yellow cards in the final game of the group stage, letting the reserves play. 
  • Those contests usually have less value for them, so they aren’t keen on delivering 100% of their capabilities and risking some injuries or suspensions.
  • The referee is a very important factor in each game. Today’s statistics allow us to see his card average and his style of officiating, which is very handy as we may bet on the card or foul numbers as well. Always use your internet to do some research. 
  • The schedule is also a major thing. Some teams might have a rocky path throughout the campaign, while others are luckier, and they don’t have to endure tough challenges, preserving more energy for the latter stages. We’ve often seen in the past excellent teams not winning the trophies simply because of lacking power and energy in the crucial matches. 
How to bet on Euro 2020

EURO 2020 Prediction

Those three most popular bets will be the subject in this part of the article, in which we discuss the biggest favorites in each area. 

EURO 2020

France, Belgium, and England are the top favorites to become European champions. 

The Gauls are the reigning world champs, with a team that plays together for quite a while. Mbappe, Pogba, Griezmann, Varane are just a tiny bit of what this team has. 

Belgium has probably the best attacker and the midfielder in the world right now, Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne, plus a load of fantastic players in all lines. They are the No.1 team in FIFA rankings and a team that might easily win this tournament.

England is the host of the semis and the finals, and apart from that has a very strong team. However, despite the bookies’ opinion, we aren’t convinced that Three Lions have enough potential to win the title. 

Portugal is definitely our top dark horse with an extremely gifted squad filled with new names and Cristiano Ronaldo, who is their leader, and a sort of umbrella when it comes to the media hype and the pressure.

Top Goalscorer

Harry Kane and Kylian Mbappe are two guys who stand above all others per bookmakers’ prediction. Kane is the penalty taker in England, and the entire team pretty much works for Tottenham’s captain, resulting in his high productivity.

Mbappe is maybe the most talented attacker globally, and France’s quick counters are perfectly suitable for this guy who routinely ends all of them.

Recently mentioned, Lukaku should also be counted in here because his Belgium plays very efficient matches. As the first striker of the unit, it is logical to see him delivering the biggest portion of scores. 

Best Player

In our opinion, the best pick for that would be Kevin De Bruyne. Manchester City’s leader and the captain of Guardiola’s unit is arguably the best player in the world this year. What he showed throughout the regular part of the campaign was amazing, and he seems fit and motivated to continue in the same manner throughout the tournament.

Single Match Bets

The single match bets will be the most common ones, and we will need to mention them in this paragraph. After all, more than 85% of overall betting is about this type. 

The full-time result, total goals, both teams to score, range of goals, double chances, etc, and all other bets are the most common things you will find on betting slips. You can play them as singles or parlays, combine them with other sports. 

We will write daily previews and predictions during the EURO 2020, so don’t forget to visit us and see our free betting picks. All of them are a result of extensive research and a comprehensive analysis of our tipster crew. 

Group Stage Prediction

All aspects of group betting are very interesting and exciting, sometimes offering more options for profitable wagering than the latter stages, where we have tough matches which are tough to predict. 

Who will win the group, who ends second, which teams will concede the most goals and which one scores the most? All this and more markets are available here.


We’ve tried to make an article that could be of help to all of you who wish to bet during EURO 2020. It isn’t too long, but it has certain information that is very useful, especially for those who are doing this for the first time. Sniff around our website for more data because many other things might be interesting to you. 

We wish you all the luck in the upcoming period.

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